About me bnw

This is me ↑

I’m happy to share with you a little about myself, but first I’d like to ask you a question.

Are you ready to finally LET GO & Follow your Bliss?

Let go of what…


Let go of that fear that someone might not catch you if you jump. Let go of that thought that to be happy you must be successful. Let go of that feeling that you aren’t good enough to actually pull off what it is that you REALLY want to be doing.


I get it, I had that fear, and that thought, and that feeling too.

And that my friend, is how Taylor Made Bliss was born.


I’m Chloe Taylor and I had just had my second baby in 2 years, my hormones were a mess, my body was a mess, and my life seemed to be in a mess. This was supposed to be the happiest time of my life…

(you can read more about my struggles here)

I needed something to pull me out of my funk…

So I got inspired and came searching for my

Profile pic Bliss

I want to share with you what I found when I really looked; because the view from up here is pretty special.


While I might not be able to solve all of your worldly problems…

I can show you how you can Have Your Cake

(raw cheezecake that is)

AND Eat it too!

Raw Easter Cheezecake

Here you will find amazing (mostly raw) recipes that not only pass the taste test of my 2 year old, but that are actually good for you too.


My Bachelor Degree in Nutrition (the job I thought I should be doing) finally came in handy when I decided that No One should have to live without yummy sweet treats, so if I could make them delicious and highly nutritious then more people would eat them…


…and that’s what I call Living in Bliss!


The kicker is, by making the sweet treats found amongst these pages, you are actually doing your part to help save the world too…

…so you can basically call yourself a Superhero!

Yep that’s right, and doesn’t it make you feel great?


All my delicious recipes are free from Palm Oil

(unlike many from popular confectionary companies) and my site is committed to bringing awareness to what you can do to help protect our Beautiful Orangutans by avoiding palm oil and supporting only Certified Sustainable Palm Oil production.


(read more about that here)


So I want to hear you say


YES to doing what makes


YES to


and HELL YES to



And then rest well at night knowing that NO Orangutans were harmed in the making of your raw chocolate.

When you open yourself up to new possibilities, you might just be surprised to learn what you are passionate about…I know I was!


So why not jump straight in and start by downloading my

FREE gift to you…

My eBook which contains 10 Amazingly Delicious (+Nutritious)


Here’s what some other Bliss Hunters had to say about them…


“These Bliss Balls are a staple in our house and we usually have a collection of different flavours in the Untitled-1freezer ready to grab out for the kids after-school snacks! They love getting in the kitchen and helping me roll them so it’s really nice family time too.”

Liana-  Mum to Bailey, 9, Koby, 7, & Nate, 2




“I LOVE Lemon so when I saw there was a Raw Lemon Cheezecake flavour I just HAD to make it….and it tastes just like a Lemon Cheezecake!”

Kristin- Mum to Bodhi, 4


Being a vegan it’s hard to find healthy snacks that are also delicious but these Bliss Balls are perfect. So tasty and easy to make. As a mum of 2 kids under 2 they are perfect to have in the fridge and grab on the run. And my toddler loves them too!

Joelle- Mum to Perry, 2, & Cali, 6 months



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