Chocolate Coconut Panacotta Slice


Saturday mornings are my favourite!

Instead of laying there in the dark pretending not to hear Tempy (my 5mth old) stirring in the cot beside, I me usually wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and ready to get my ‘Ommm’ on.

Saturday is my Yoga day. The one day a week where I know I am getting that one FULL hour all to myself. No crying baby. No washing to hang. No meal plan to write. No beds to make. No bills to pay. No lists to write. Nothing, just me and my mat…

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2 Words you Never want to hear your 2 year old say…


My firstborn is going through the Terrible Two’s…

Oh and don’t I know it. She was most certainly blessed with her Mumma’s determination to get her own way (ALL of the time), and feisty give-no-shits attitude.

At first I thought having two daughters was some mean Karmic intervention.

I am not proud to say that I was not always a little darling to my parents, lord knows I gave all three of them their own significant portion of their own personal hell…

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When I was little I took piano lessons.

When I was in school I played soccer. I played netball. I did swim club. I did karate. I danced tap, jazz & ballet. I was a cub scout. I had a saxophone. I played guitar. I wanted to be an architect. I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to be a professional sax player in a band. When I was 5, I wanted to sell flowers.

I had so many ambitions for a little girl, I tried so many things, had so many ideas. The problem was, I never stuck anything out.

I lacked those massive components known as Discipline and Commitment.

I am much the same now as an adult. I got my Nutrition degree, I became a qualified Massage Therapist, then a certified Personal Trainer…

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Ever Wondered What a Nutritionist Eats?


Food these days is such an all-consuming topic, with fad diets and new scientific discoveries to help you “shed 20 pounds in 1 week” flying off the shelves at alarming rates, and it also seems now any celebrity can become a ‘health expert’- if they are paid enough!

Obesity and obesity-related health complications are continually on the rise, despite the Governments many health initiatives (which even includes a revision of the Healthy Eating Food Pyramid…..Phew, Finally!) and a rising number of health conscious people. Too much conflicting information is too readily available and with social media (with all of it’s editing-real-life-to-be-perfect apps) at an all time high, Self-Image and Self-esteem are at an all time low.

How many times have you read pop-up ads claiming “this worked for me and it’s guaranteed to work for you too”?

I call Bullshit…

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