The Struggle is Real…


I didn’t even know Pre-Natal Depression was a thing.

Sure, everyone has heard of Post-Natal Depression but I actually thought I was taking the piss when I burst into tears (again) at my midwife appointment and sobbed “I think I have Pre-Natal Depression, I just can’t stop crying, every day, I’m crying, and I’m angry ’cause I’m crying, then I’m angry ’cause I’m angry, then I just cry some more”.

Up until that point I had just put it down to stress…

Earlier that year we made the big decision to sell our home and move closer to the water. Three days after that decision I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, and my first had just turned 1. The following week an offer was put on our house and we accepted. So we scurried to find our new family home…hubby had his eye on one place right on the water and we offered our top price even though we thought they would probably reject it but we just knew we would always wonder if we never just did it…

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Raw Choc PnB Easter Cheezecake

Raw Easter Cheezecake

No two things on earth belong together more than Peanut Butter & Chocolate.

It’s a match made in heaven with the rich creaminess of decadent silky chocolate and the salty crunch of perfectly roasted peanuts, arrrgh it’s making me feel giddy just thinking about this perfect pairing that Reece’s discovered long ago.

If you don’t like Peanut butter, then I am afraid we can’t be friends. Wait, my Mother in law hates peanut butter…..but, she LOVED this cake!

THAT is how good this combo is!

For those of you reading this who don’t know me personally (yet), and haven’t picked up on this from previous blog posts and recipes…

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Nut-Free Raw Halva Bites

Book Halva bites

Isn’t it funny how a smell, a taste, or a sound can illicit the most vivid of memories?

This happened quite unexpectedly to me today. In a nice way that made me smile.

I received a request for a Nut-Free bliss ball that could be packed for school lunches. Not having school age children (yet) and a 2 year old who LOVES nuts, I had never really played with the idea of not adding nuts in a Bliss ball so the only place I could think of starting was….Tahini…

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Banana Bread Bliss Balls

Feature BBBB

I have an addiction.

Let’s be honest, I have many addictions.

Coconut, Chocolate, Caffeine….Oh Coffee how I love thee, and Banana Bread.

Particularly when I’m pregnant! I liked banana bread before falling pregnant, but during pregnancy with my first baby I had a sordid affair with banana bread! I am pretty sure I ate at least one slice (if not 2 or 3 some days- don’t judge!) every single day of my first pregnancy. Then out with the baby, and away went my intense desire for banana bread…

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Meet Blisso…

Feature Blisso

I used to suffer SEVERE Mondayitis.

Talk about groundhog day, alarm goes off….you realise it’s Monday…. AGAIN, and up come the covers up over your head as you turn your face into the pillow and huff “I don’t want to Adult today”.

For some reason everything used to be crap on a Monday. Traffic was worse. People were grumpy and tired. No-one smiles. Or maybe that was just me.

“What you focus on grows”-Oprah Winfrey

With a slight shift in attitude and a well planned schedule things are now looking much different.

Now Monday is fast becoming my new favourite day…

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