Raw Choc Mint Pattie Slice


Have you ever suffered an Identity Crisis?

One day you wake up and realise you have absolutely no idea who you are.

Your day now revolves around changing nappies, the ‘eat your breakfast’ fight, picking up toys, colouring with crayons, washing dishes, washing clothes, the ‘eat your lunch’ fight, building with blocks, more dirty nappies, pick up more toys, more washing, the ‘eat your dinner’ fight, bedtime stories, washing dishes, pick up more toys, and while it’s amazing to have these beautiful little humans to spend your days with have you ever just wondered…

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Raw ANZAC Bliss Balls


I am gutted to learn that my beloved Kraft Peanut Butter contains conflict Palm Oil.

In this instance I am tempted to turn a blind eye, no not really, my conscience won’t let me but dang! I wish I didn’t know, because Ignorance is Bliss…and sometimes, exceptionally tasty.

These last few weeks I have set about the mammoth task of constructing my own website so I can add a few more features that resonate with me and what Taylor Made Bliss is all about. There are some exciting new additions to my blogs lovely new home, including some resources about how to become a Palm Oil Detective and also my new Bliss Balls eBook which contains ALL Palm Oil Free recipes.

This eBook is going to be available to you for FREE by the way…just ’cause I love you!

So back to the peanut butter debacle…

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Cherry Ripe-ish Chia Pudding


In this very moment… Silence brings me Bliss.

Nothing is craved more than just 10 minutes in total silence when you have a chatty 2 year old and a teething baby.

My heart smiles hearing her sweet little chipmunk voice, her cheeky little giggle, and her gasps of delight as she swirls and sings, dancing around the lounge room.

I listen intently as she recites the alphabet, I nod in agreement as she tells me stories about her toys; their likes and dislikes, and I answer her ceaseless questions as best I can as she eagerly explores more and more of this wide wondrous world…

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