Nut-Free Breakfast Bliss Balls

Breakfast Bliss Balls white watermark

A 2 year old will always crush you in a power battle, period.

The breakfast battle has been going on for quite some time now, and when she digs her heels in and says I don’t want to eat breakfast, I have buckleys of winning this one.

We draw our swords and battle at breakfast. We battle at lunch. We battle at dinner.

By night time I am exhausted, and completely beat down…

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Coconut Rough Bliss Balls


Argh, stress is so stressful.

I mean, Dah, but seriously it’s a snowball effect…the more stress you’re under the more you stress about being stressed.

For me it’s super unproductive, and this last week I’ve had to step away from my main stress…this blog (insert long slow sad sigh).

I started this blog to heal…to give me a creative outlet, to give me a gentle nudge to find more things that bring me bliss, and lately I have found my stomach in knots stressing about my ever expanding to-do-list that this very blog has given me.

Truth be told, it’s not the blogs fault…

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Mother’s Day Raw Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Tart

Raw-Choc-Strawberry-Mousse-Tart- large

My mum and I have had a somewhat disjointed relationship.

Growing up with my dad and spending a lot of time apart from mum, it was easy to fantasise about the relationship I thought we should have, and about the type of mother she should be.

And being a typical kid, it was easy to get disappointed when said fantasy didn’t play out the way I expected, or wanted.

I wanted the mum you saw on TV shows, the one that spent the day while we were at school baking and had afternoon tea on the table for us when we ran in the door, the one that spent her weekends completely present with and focused on us, the one who always laughed and never cried…not the one who rode a Harley, drank beer, and listened to country music….

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