Raw Lime Cheezecake


Have you ever thought I wish I was as beautiful as her?

Her life looks perfect.

Beautiful happy kids, check.

Gorgeous husband, check.

Their marriage looks perfect, they always look so in love in all of their Instagram photos, I’ll bet they never fight.

Oh AND she is AMAZING at yoga. She makes everything looks so flawless, even headstands.


This virtual world that we so easily buy into nowadays is so faaaaaaar from reality and today I want to share a few things to highlight the realness of that message…

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Raw Salted Caramel Pods

Raw Salted Caramel Pod blog feature

I’m pretty new to the whole Mumpreneurial biznizel.

I am most definitely a little fish in a big pond, but I have never felt less intimidated and more at home in my life. I never knew a world existed where women built each other up and shared their ‘secret weapons’ with one another without fear of being ‘overtaken’ by another woman or fear of someone else looking smarter, or more popular, or more successful.

It’s an amazing culture.

One I am so excited to have found.

I used to always joke that I was going to be the perpetual student. Arrrgh, the amount of courses I’ve done, to just get qualified, and then think, well if I did this other course to add to my skillset…

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