Creativity hits My Bliss List


A few months back I started my journey of Self Love.

More specifically I started implementing strategies to remind myself to Love Me.

Instead of dwelling on the negative things in my life that I don’t like and constantly criticizing myself for not being good enough, I spent more time thinking about the things I love doing and pointing out to myself the things I am good (sometimes even great) at.

Getting crafty again came from throwing around an idea that I might shout myself a beautiful crystal macramé necklace with the spending money hubby and I each get from our tax return (you know, that tinsy little bit that doesn’t have to go on bills or paying off the credit cards).

I looked at a few gorgeous crystal necklaces online and in stores ranging from $24-45, and thought “you know what… I’m crafty as fuck, I’ll bet I can make that myself”…

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No-Bake Chocolate Surprise Cookies


I’ve had a few happy accidents lately.

My second baby, while I guess not really an accident per se was definitely a surprise, and then there are these deliciously crisp, morish No-Bake chocolate surprise cookies.

I set out to make my own Almond Butter a few weeks ago…and bizarrely these are what I ended up with.

Somehow I managed to overthink the process of ‘chuck almonds into thermomix and blend on high speed until smooth almond butter appears’…

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Jasmine Flower Hits My Bliss List


There is something so nostalgic for me about the sweet smell of Jasmine flowers.

I don’t know if it’s because the weather here in Australia also improves at the same time that this beautiful perfume hits the air, or if it’s something perhaps from my childhood, whatever it is the moment I get the slightest hint of this flowers soft scent I can not help but to STOP, close my eyes, BREATHE deeply, and SMILE.

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