7 Powerful Messages that will change your life TODAY


I was called to action to write this post just a few days ago when I read an incredible new book by Dan Norris called Create or Hate.

Dan’s take home message in this already best-selling book was that successful people create.

Some examples of this he shares are:

“Steve Jobs made computers. Henry Ford made cars. Walt Disney made cartoons. Richard Branson made records. Elon Musk makes rockets. Oprah makes tv shows, J.K. Rowling makes books. Bill Gates makes software.”

They all create.

The second half of the message in Dan’s book, is that if you aren’t creating, you are hating.

Now this isn’t as harsh as it sounds. He doesn’t mean that you are a Hater or even a bad person.

Hate is that part of your mind that tells you that you aren’t good enough, you couldn’t do it even if you tried so why bother, hate is that part of you that keeps you in the same place, paralyzed with fear for wanting something better.

Hate has a goal, to crush your creativity, to stop you in your tracks.

Hate has been in my ear, telling me I can’t write.

I can create sure, I make things all the time… raw treats, jewellery, art, ‘things’.

But writing.


Oh how dare you” says Hate, “Who do you think you are?” he chimes, “No one wants to hear what you have to say, your ideas are stupid” he whispers in my ear.

So Dan’s epic book really couldn’t have come into my life at a better time and his message has reminded me of a few more messages which if you pay a little more loving attention to, will change your life for the better, today

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