Can you guess what got Me off Drugs?

At age 17 I was in a car accident and broke my lower back.
I had 3 major operations in a week (including a bowel resection, spinal fixture, and aortic repair) followed by a final operation 12 months later to remove the hardware they used to fix my spine.
Recovery was hard.
A month in a hospital bed. Wound infection. Extreme muscle wastage. A Wheelchair. Nightmares.
Luckily, I had youth and enthusiasm on my side.
Less than a year after my accident I moved to the Gold Coast, got a job waitressing, and was happy to just get on with my life.
Being on my feet for 2 lots of 3 hour shifts a day had me taking sometimes up to 20 Panamax a day just to get through it, but after feeling like I’d already missed out on so much of my life with recovery it was a small price to pay to feel FREE… 
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Why I chose to partner with doTERRA


I won’t sugar coat it, I was in desperate need for something to change.

I had 2 kids under 2, post-natal depression, recurrent bronchitis and chronic back pain. You might imagine the next sentence to be something like… then entered doTERRA, and everything was peachy.

But truth be told, I’d had at least 5-6 ‘brushes’ with doTERRA before I actually started listening to the universe and said “OK YES….GIMMI THOSE DAMN OILS!”

I had decided that while I loved being a mum, I needed more…

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7 Powerful Messages that will change your life TODAY


I was called to action to write this post just a few days ago when I read an incredible new book by Dan Norris called Create or Hate.

Dan’s take home message in this already best-selling book was that successful people create.

Some examples of this he shares are:

“Steve Jobs made computers. Henry Ford made cars. Walt Disney made cartoons. Richard Branson made records. Elon Musk makes rockets. Oprah makes tv shows, J.K. Rowling makes books. Bill Gates makes software.”

They all create.

The second half of the message in Dan’s book, is that if you aren’t creating, you are hating.

Now this isn’t as harsh as it sounds. He doesn’t mean that you are a Hater or even a bad person.

Hate is that part of your mind that tells you that you aren’t good enough, you couldn’t do it even if you tried so why bother, hate is that part of you that keeps you in the same place, paralyzed with fear for wanting something better.

Hate has a goal, to crush your creativity, to stop you in your tracks.

Hate has been in my ear, telling me I can’t write.

I can create sure, I make things all the time… raw treats, jewellery, art, ‘things’.

But writing.


Oh how dare you” says Hate, “Who do you think you are?” he chimes, “No one wants to hear what you have to say, your ideas are stupid” he whispers in my ear.

So Dan’s epic book really couldn’t have come into my life at a better time and his message has reminded me of a few more messages which if you pay a little more loving attention to, will change your life for the better, today

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Creativity hits My Bliss List


A few months back I started my journey of Self Love.

More specifically I started implementing strategies to remind myself to Love Me.

Instead of dwelling on the negative things in my life that I don’t like and constantly criticizing myself for not being good enough, I spent more time thinking about the things I love doing and pointing out to myself the things I am good (sometimes even great) at.

Getting crafty again came from throwing around an idea that I might shout myself a beautiful crystal macramé necklace with the spending money hubby and I each get from our tax return (you know, that tinsy little bit that doesn’t have to go on bills or paying off the credit cards).

I looked at a few gorgeous crystal necklaces online and in stores ranging from $24-45, and thought “you know what… I’m crafty as fuck, I’ll bet I can make that myself”…

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Arna Baartz Artist hits My Bliss List


Today I want to introduce you to an incredible Aussie artist who has quite literally changed my life. Her name is Arna Baartz and she has inspired me to start this Bliss List.

I have been toying with the idea of a Bliss List for a few months as a way of expressing gratitude.

Some people have a gratitude journal where you write in it all the things you are grateful for each day. I’ve had one of these before but I find myself always writing the same things- I am grateful for my beautiful family, I am grateful for my health, I am grateful for a safe warm roof over my head… which I am incredibly grateful for and I know I am extremely blessed in the life that I live, however, I craved a more creative way to actively pursue more happiness…

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An Open Letter to my Husband

Family Blog

My Love, I forget that the last few years have been a huge game changer for you too.

Not just because you are a man, and let’s face it, you weren’t the one who had to carry and give birth to our two beautiful little girls. I simply forget because everything you do you still do with such certainty and assurance.

I forget that some days you are genuinely worried the girls don’t like you. I forget because there are multiple times a day I am positive they don’t like me (usually because I told them ‘No’ or lost it and yelled at them, again), but it’s easier for me not to worry because I know our bond is so strong because I had the privilege of growing them, I got to feel them like acrobats in my tummy, because they were a part of me each and every second for a whole 42 weeks- before you even got a look in…

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The Struggle is Real…


I didn’t even know Pre-Natal Depression was a thing.

Sure, everyone has heard of Post-Natal Depression but I actually thought I was taking the piss when I burst into tears (again) at my midwife appointment and sobbed “I think I have Pre-Natal Depression, I just can’t stop crying, every day, I’m crying, and I’m angry ’cause I’m crying, then I’m angry ’cause I’m angry, then I just cry some more”.

Up until that point I had just put it down to stress…

Earlier that year we made the big decision to sell our home and move closer to the water. Three days after that decision I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, and my first had just turned 1. The following week an offer was put on our house and we accepted. So we scurried to find our new family home…hubby had his eye on one place right on the water and we offered our top price even though we thought they would probably reject it but we just knew we would always wonder if we never just did it…

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Meet Blisso…

Feature Blisso

I used to suffer SEVERE Mondayitis.

Talk about groundhog day, alarm goes off….you realise it’s Monday…. AGAIN, and up come the covers up over your head as you turn your face into the pillow and huff “I don’t want to Adult today”.

For some reason everything used to be crap on a Monday. Traffic was worse. People were grumpy and tired. No-one smiles. Or maybe that was just me.

“What you focus on grows”-Oprah Winfrey

With a slight shift in attitude and a well planned schedule things are now looking much different.

Now Monday is fast becoming my new favourite day…

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Chocolate Coconut Panacotta Slice


Saturday mornings are my favourite!

Instead of laying there in the dark pretending not to hear Tempy (my 5mth old) stirring in the cot beside, I me usually wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and ready to get my ‘Ommm’ on.

Saturday is my Yoga day. The one day a week where I know I am getting that one FULL hour all to myself. No crying baby. No washing to hang. No meal plan to write. No beds to make. No bills to pay. No lists to write. Nothing, just me and my mat…

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