Can you guess what got Me off Drugs?

At age 17 I was in a car accident and broke my lower back.
I had 3 major operations in a week (including a bowel resection, spinal fixture, and aortic repair) followed by a final operation 12 months later to remove the hardware they used to fix my spine.
Recovery was hard.
A month in a hospital bed. Wound infection. Extreme muscle wastage. A Wheelchair. Nightmares.
Luckily, I had youth and enthusiasm on my side.
Less than a year after my accident I moved to the Gold Coast, got a job waitressing, and was happy to just get on with my life.
Being on my feet for 2 lots of 3 hour shifts a day had me taking sometimes up to 20 Panamax a day just to get through it, but after feeling like I’d already missed out on so much of my life with recovery it was a small price to pay to feel FREE… 
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Meet Blisso…

Feature Blisso

I used to suffer SEVERE Mondayitis.

Talk about groundhog day, alarm goes off….you realise it’s Monday…. AGAIN, and up come the covers up over your head as you turn your face into the pillow and huff “I don’t want to Adult today”.

For some reason everything used to be crap on a Monday. Traffic was worse. People were grumpy and tired. No-one smiles. Or maybe that was just me.

“What you focus on grows”-Oprah Winfrey

With a slight shift in attitude and a well planned schedule things are now looking much different.

Now Monday is fast becoming my new favourite day…

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