Christmas Spiced Rum Balls


Of all our 5 senses, smell is one I love the most.

The sweet scent of a blooming flower, freshly cut grass, salty beach air, sunscreen, and spices like cinnamon, clove, and pinecones at Christmas time… they are all fast to elicit warming memories and the nostalgia of a happy fun childhood running around barefoot and free.

Recently I have been basking in this kind of Bliss… eating Bliss… consuming Bliss… lathering Bliss all over my body, I have found something which makes me wildly happy and passionate…just like running barefoot and free.

I have found a new way to support myself emotionally, and a way to practice intentional self care Every.Single.Day.

One thing I have realized in my journey north from rock bottom is that…

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Raw Lime Cheezecake


Have you ever thought I wish I was as beautiful as her?

Her life looks perfect.

Beautiful happy kids, check.

Gorgeous husband, check.

Their marriage looks perfect, they always look so in love in all of their Instagram photos, I’ll bet they never fight.

Oh AND she is AMAZING at yoga. She makes everything looks so flawless, even headstands.


This virtual world that we so easily buy into nowadays is so faaaaaaar from reality and today I want to share a few things to highlight the realness of that message…

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Raw Salted Caramel Pods

Raw Salted Caramel Pod blog feature

I’m pretty new to the whole Mumpreneurial biznizel.

I am most definitely a little fish in a big pond, but I have never felt less intimidated and more at home in my life. I never knew a world existed where women built each other up and shared their ‘secret weapons’ with one another without fear of being ‘overtaken’ by another woman or fear of someone else looking smarter, or more popular, or more successful.

It’s an amazing culture.

One I am so excited to have found.

I used to always joke that I was going to be the perpetual student. Arrrgh, the amount of courses I’ve done, to just get qualified, and then think, well if I did this other course to add to my skillset…

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Coconut Rough Bliss Balls


Argh, stress is so stressful.

I mean, Dah, but seriously it’s a snowball effect…the more stress you’re under the more you stress about being stressed.

For me it’s super unproductive, and this last week I’ve had to step away from my main stress…this blog (insert long slow sad sigh).

I started this blog to heal…to give me a creative outlet, to give me a gentle nudge to find more things that bring me bliss, and lately I have found my stomach in knots stressing about my ever expanding to-do-list that this very blog has given me.

Truth be told, it’s not the blogs fault…

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Mother’s Day Raw Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Tart

Raw-Choc-Strawberry-Mousse-Tart- large

My mum and I have had a somewhat disjointed relationship.

Growing up with my dad and spending a lot of time apart from mum, it was easy to fantasise about the relationship I thought we should have, and about the type of mother she should be.

And being a typical kid, it was easy to get disappointed when said fantasy didn’t play out the way I expected, or wanted.

I wanted the mum you saw on TV shows, the one that spent the day while we were at school baking and had afternoon tea on the table for us when we ran in the door, the one that spent her weekends completely present with and focused on us, the one who always laughed and never cried…not the one who rode a Harley, drank beer, and listened to country music….

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Raw Choc Mint Pattie Slice


Have you ever suffered an Identity Crisis?

One day you wake up and realise you have absolutely no idea who you are.

Your day now revolves around changing nappies, the ‘eat your breakfast’ fight, picking up toys, colouring with crayons, washing dishes, washing clothes, the ‘eat your lunch’ fight, building with blocks, more dirty nappies, pick up more toys, more washing, the ‘eat your dinner’ fight, bedtime stories, washing dishes, pick up more toys, and while it’s amazing to have these beautiful little humans to spend your days with have you ever just wondered…

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Cherry Ripe-ish Chia Pudding


In this very moment… Silence brings me Bliss.

Nothing is craved more than just 10 minutes in total silence when you have a chatty 2 year old and a teething baby.

My heart smiles hearing her sweet little chipmunk voice, her cheeky little giggle, and her gasps of delight as she swirls and sings, dancing around the lounge room.

I listen intently as she recites the alphabet, I nod in agreement as she tells me stories about her toys; their likes and dislikes, and I answer her ceaseless questions as best I can as she eagerly explores more and more of this wide wondrous world…

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Nut-Free Raw Halva Bites

Book Halva bites

Isn’t it funny how a smell, a taste, or a sound can illicit the most vivid of memories?

This happened quite unexpectedly to me today. In a nice way that made me smile.

I received a request for a Nut-Free bliss ball that could be packed for school lunches. Not having school age children (yet) and a 2 year old who LOVES nuts, I had never really played with the idea of not adding nuts in a Bliss ball so the only place I could think of starting was….Tahini…

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Banana Bread Bliss Balls

Feature BBBB

I have an addiction.

Let’s be honest, I have many addictions.

Coconut, Chocolate, Caffeine….Oh Coffee how I love thee, and Banana Bread.

Particularly when I’m pregnant! I liked banana bread before falling pregnant, but during pregnancy with my first baby I had a sordid affair with banana bread! I am pretty sure I ate at least one slice (if not 2 or 3 some days- don’t judge!) every single day of my first pregnancy. Then out with the baby, and away went my intense desire for banana bread…

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