Why I chose to partner with doTERRA


I won’t sugar coat it, I was in desperate need for something to change.

I had 2 kids under 2, post-natal depression, recurrent bronchitis and chronic back pain. You might imagine the next sentence to be something like… then entered doTERRA, and everything was peachy.

But truth be told, I’d had at least 5-6 ‘brushes’ with doTERRA before I actually started listening to the universe and said “OK YES….GIMMI THOSE DAMN OILS!”

I had decided that while I loved being a mum, I needed more…

BUT catch 22 of course, because of my constant pain I couldn’t exactly go and work a regular job. I needed something that fit around my kids, something I could work around my back pain where I didn’t have to ‘call in sick’ on those days that I couldn’t cope, and also something that made me feel part of something, something good, something bigger than me.

And THAT is when I looked farther than the beautiful oils I had been experimenting with in my raw treats, and when I found – well let’s say rather I hunted down, my incredible mentor and now beautiful and treasured friend, Alice Nicholls.

Once I learnt more about the amazing philanthropic heart of this company and the family and community within it, I knew I wanted in.

Everything they stood for was so in alignment with what I wanted, how I wanted to impact the world.

And so began not just my crazy addiction to these wonderful healing oils, but also my passionate desire to get these oils into every home I could.

I had profound effects using orange essential oil and vetiver to pull me out of post-natal depression.

While most citrus oils have a nice uplifting aroma, little did I know at the time that orange essential oils have been used for centuries by Aromatherapists and eastern healers as a natural antidepressant.

And Vetiver, with its roots firmly in the ground, brought me back to ‘grounding’ anytime I felt a sense of loss of control and unease.

From there my love just grew. Each and every day I am drawn to different oils, be it for a physical ailment or emotional support- these guys have my back.

What I love the most about this new lifestyle our family is being drawn into though, is the huge sense of empowerment it is teaching my 2 girls, that they can play an active role in their own healthcare- and after all, isn’t that what all parents want? Healthy kids.

Tyga, my eldest who is 3 absolutely LOVES Mummy’s oils. She mimics and mimes me- picking up rocks when we play outside and pretending to carefully drip oil out of them over a bucket of water saying “this is my lemon oil going into my water, careful only 1 drop you know…”

She races into my office (who am I kidding, it’s a study nook in the corner of my bedroom!) every morning, climbs up into my chair and astutely studies the array of oils, carefully choosing which ones she wants (needs) for today.

Usually it’s Geranium or Hope they’re her favourite, but often gravitating towards the spicy and woody ones like passion, cheer, and cedarwood.

She knows when we get mozzie bites or a scrape or graze we use our Owie roller with lavender and tea tree.

She knows when there is sickness/germs in the house, we use the Flu Bomb roller on our feet and our spines, and she knows before bed each and every night we use the sleepytime roller (otherwise known as the Go the F*ck to Sleep roller) with lavender peace.

She has her own little oil huggy with her own set of roller bottles that’s kept safe in the top of her cupboard which she is free to ask me to get down for her whenever she feels she needs them….(within reason of course, please oil responsibly).

I have always thought it important to teach my girls early on that we have a LOT to be grateful for and that there are lots of little boys and girls out there who don’t have any toys and games like they do.

Tyga happily goes through her toys each month and sorts a pile to give to charity (this sometimes even includes new toys and dolls too that she knows someone else might like to play with).

I want them to know what the lives of the children dōTERRA are helping around the world are like, because I know their hearts are so pure and kind that they are going to want to get behind these causes and support them too.

I can’t even imagine my girls growing up in a world where feminine hygiene is so poorly understood that when they get their monthly cycle, they are shimmied into huts to wait out the week while they are left missing out on school, work, and life.

dōTERRA’s not for profit Healing Hands Foundation have partnered with Days for Girls to bring hope to these communities with reusable sanitary packs and education around feminine hygiene and monthly cycles so that life can go on for these young girls and women.

You can learn more about Days for Girls projects here, and if you want to get involved, you can grab your sewing machine, round up some friends and download your instructions to make these reusable sanitary kits to contribute to the cause here.

There is so much heartache in the world, and I truly couldn’t imagine a fate worse than my innocent beautiful child being trapped in the child trafficking and sex slavery ‘industry’. Yet this is a fate many children are met with, it’s unfathomable and gut-wrenching.

O.U.R (which stands for Operation Underground Railroad) is a special task force team made up of ex-Navy Seals, CIA, and Military who have teamed up to abolish this ‘industry’ and in the past 3 years they have rescued 653 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 275 traffickers around the world (as of the date of publishing this article).

I am so proud to stand beside dōTERRA because in the past year alone their Healing Hands Foundation has donated more than half a million dollars to O.U.R which has helped fund among other things a digital forensics lab in Thailand which is used to train their Cadets how to gather sufficient digital evidence to ensure proper persecution of these filthy animals who are committing these horrendous crimes.

So, there you have a little insight into why I am so passionate about this company, it’s products and it’s cause.

I can see their vision… and I’m all in.

Are you with me?


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