Do You Consider Essential Oils a Cost or An Expense?


Let’s consider the difference.

New jeans, when I already have 3 pairs- that’s a cost.

Perfume, well I like to smell pretty buuuuut- it’s a cost.

A weekend out- yup, that is a cost.

I like to have these things, but I don’t necessarily need them and they are not budgeted for in our one income family budget.

Now, on the other hand, being a stay at home mum raising our two young (and very messy) girls we have the other flip of the coin…

Bathroom cleaner- is an expense.

Window cleaner- is an expense.

Dish liquid- is an expense.

Toothpaste- is an expense.

Mouthwash- is an expense.

Washing powder- is an expense.

Glen 20- is an expense.

Spray and wipe- is an expense.

Mould killer- is an expense.

Panadol- is an expense.

Antibiotics (when we’re sick)- is an expense.

Cough syrup- is an expense.

Vicks chest rub- is an expense.

A humidifier- is an expense.

Deep Heat- is an expense.

A trip to the Doctors is an expense.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down here?

New jeans, they’re a cost because I don’t really need them and if I were to come home with them each time I went shopping Hubby would (rightly) Lose.His.Shit!

Mr Sheen, Exit mould, Spray & Wipe, Toothpaste, and Deodorant however, are a foreseeable expense which is budgeted for in most people’s weekly shopping bill and most Hubby’s wouldn’t bat an eye unpacking these from a $400 trip to Woollies.

I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of money we have saved by using pure essential oils to make our own household cleaners and personal products this year- but I am about to change your mind about how you view purchasing your essential oils.


The low-down

Here’s a few of the toxic (and frankly quite dangerous) household items I used to regularly buy and how much they would add to our grocery bill versus their natural, pure, and safe Essential Oil counterparts that I now quickly and easily make when we need a refresh:

Spray and Wipe THEN: $3.29 NOW: 5 drops each of Lemon eo, Orange eo, Oregano eo, tea tree eo, 2Tbs white vinegar + water in a glass spray bottle $1.73
Mould spray THEN: $6.70 NOW: 20 drops of Clove eo in a glass spray bottle with 100ml white vinegar + 100ml water $1.46
Bath cleaner THEN: $5.00 NOW: 10 drops lemon eo + 10 drops tea tree eo + 100ml white vinegar + 100ml water, spray over 3Tbs sprinkled bi-carb soda $1.78
Disinfectant spray THEN: $4.49 NOW: 20 drops On Guard + 100ml water in a spray bottle $3.20
Glass cleaner  



$3.99 NOW: 10 drops lemon eo + 10 drops grapefruit eo + 100ml white vinegar + 100ml water $1.36
Antibacterial handwash THEN: $2.79 NOW: 2Tbs Dr Bronners liquid castile soap + 8 drops On Guard eo + 4 drops Tea tree eo + water in a foaming pump $2.68

Air freshener spray


THEN: $2.49 NOW:  

20 drops lemongrass eo + 100ml water in a glass spritzer


Chest rub


THEN: $8.20 NOW: 5 drops Easy Air in 10ml coconut oil $1.20



THEN: $64.99 NOW: Cold vapour Ultrsonic Diffuser $55
Liquid for humidifier THEN: $7.99 NOW:  

Easy air 6 drops per use


Headache pills THEN: $3.50 NOW: 1 drop peppermint  eo +1 drop lavender $0.21


Pretty Cray right?!

And don’t even get me started on what exactly is in all that crap in the list on the left, the caustic chemicals you breathe in while innocently trying to clean the shower, the suspected carcinogens and known hormone disruptors that are in that spray being squirted into the air your kids are breathing in- gasp.

No judgement here babe, this used to be me.

While I can’t change the past, I sure as heck can change the future of my families health- and wealth, and I’d like to be the catalyst to change yours.

So, if you’re waiting to find the ‘spare’ cash to ‘spend’ on these pure essential oils, or you’re finding it hard to ‘justify’ the outlay to hubby- then I invite you to take an honest look at the money you are already spending and then make the decision to better the health of yourself and your family and invest in these powerful and pure Essential Oils.


If you ARE ready to ditch the chemical shitstorms and go al la naturale, you might want to check out this post about how to get started with the best value kits.

Sign off 400

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