Creativity hits My Bliss List


A few months back I started my journey of Self Love.

More specifically I started implementing strategies to remind myself to Love Me.

Instead of dwelling on the negative things in my life that I don’t like and constantly criticizing myself for not being good enough, I spent more time thinking about the things I love doing and pointing out to myself the things I am good (sometimes even great) at.

Getting crafty again came from throwing around an idea that I might shout myself a beautiful crystal macramé necklace with the spending money hubby and I each get from our tax return (you know, that tinsy little bit that doesn’t have to go on bills or paying off the credit cards).

I looked at a few gorgeous crystal necklaces online and in stores ranging from $24-45, and thought “you know what… I’m crafty as fuck, I’ll bet I can make that myself”…

…and so I did.

My almost 3 year old daughter Tyga and I went crystal shopping and each picked out a Rose Quartz (synonymous with Self Love/Unconditional Love) and within a few hours I had made us matching “Mummy & My’s” (as Tyga says) necklaces which sit over our heart chakras.

I had forgotten how much I love being crafty and ‘making stuff’. It’s so therapeutic, and the little buzz of pride you get looking at your finished product only adds to the benefits of getting creative.

I used to make stuff all the time, always trying to create something good enough that people might want to buy. Only recently have I learnt that is a classic trait of an Entrepreneur- always looking to create a business opportunity.

Some people are worker Bee’s, they thrive in an environment where there is a ladder to climb, certainty, structure, and processes to follow.

That’s never been me.

While I don’t necessarily like ‘the hard way’ of not having someone else’s processes to follow, I have just innately always tried turning my ideas or skills into a business.

So much good has come from me rekindling my love affair with creating.

+ It has reduced my stress, and given me something to do in my down-time that doesn’t involve looking at a screen

+ It has brought Bliss to not only myself but also to my baby who LOVES helping mummy create. Tyga will happily sit with me and create her own little pasta necklaces while I am tying knots and braiding mine.

+ Plus she absolutely adores that we have matching necklaces, and she knows Rose Quartz is for unconditional love, reinforcing the bond we have together.

+ It is a physical thing I can give as a gift, or maybe even sell (food production is such a different ball game in this respect!)

That last point in particular led me down a different path of Bliss- giving.

Just after I had made our necklaces, a beautiful lady in a Facebook group I’m part of put a call out for any kids jewelry or kitten inspired clothes/accessories that could be donated to cheer up a little girl named Frankie who is fighting Leukemia.

Knowing how much Tyga loved her little rose quartz necklace I posted a pic and asked if she thought Frankie would she like one. She said she would Love one!

I decided to make her Mummy one as well so that they could relish in the same delight these special unconditional-love necklaces had brought me and my daughter.

We are excited to post these (pictured above) out to Frankie and her Mummy tomorrow. Tyga has also made Frankie a coloured penne pasta necklace to be sent out in their package, she loves the gift of giving too.

Of course the eternal entrepreneur in me wonders if other mums out there might love our ‘Mummy & My’s’ necklace sets as much as we do, I’d love to hear your thoughts on if you think this could be a viable business venture, pretty please leave me a comment in the comments section below.

»Your Bliss Hunting Action Step:

Make something. Even if you aren’t the creative type, just try making something, anything…grab an adult colouring book and colour a nice picture, buy a blank canvas and some paints and see what you come up with, get some essential oils and add to a carrier oil to make your own perfume (there’s a post coming on essential oils very soon!), just open yourself up to the experience with no judgement. Who knows, it might bring you as much Bliss as it does me.

Happy Hunting,

taylor made sign off (1)

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  1. Crafting and cresting are good for the soul. It’s why I started my own handmade biz and haven’t looked back.

    I love these necklaces and what they represent. When you create something from within with beautiful intentions it’s sure to succeed.

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