What is Palm Oil?

Palm Oil is produced in the fruit of the Elaeis Guineensis plant. It is the most widely produced oil in the world and although originating in West Africa, around 90% of all palm oil comes from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Palm Oil is a high yielding crop which takes between 3-4 years to mature and produce fruit. The palm fruit itself,  develops in bunches which can grow in excess of 10 kilograms, and contain hundreds of individual  fruits about the size of a small plum or apricot. When the fruit is harvested, palm oil is extracted from the flesh of the fruit and palm kernel oil is produced by  squeezing the oil from the internal seed…(Read More Here)



What can I do to Help?

In a perfect world, we would all simply avoid products with palm oil. This would speak volumes to the industry that we will NOT stand for the destruction of our natural rainforests or the impending extinction of our precious Orangutans. But life is not perfect, and sometimes all we can do is our best. And that is totally OK.

Find out what simple steps you can take to help reduce Conflict Palm Oil…(Read More Here)