Ever Wondered What a Nutritionist Eats?


Food these days is such an all-consuming topic, with fad diets and new scientific discoveries to help you “shed 20 pounds in 1 week” flying off the shelves at alarming rates, and it also seems now any celebrity can become a ‘health expert’- if they are paid enough!

Obesity and obesity-related health complications are continually on the rise, despite the Governments many health initiatives (which even includes a revision of the Healthy Eating Food Pyramid…..Phew, Finally!) and a rising number of health conscious people. Too much conflicting information is too readily available and with social media (with all of it’s editing-real-life-to-be-perfect apps) at an all time high, Self-Image and Self-esteem are at an all time low.

How many times have you read pop-up ads claiming “this worked for me and it’s guaranteed to work for you too”?

I call Bullshit…

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