Do You Consider Essential Oils a Cost or An Expense?


Let’s consider the difference.

New jeans, when I already have 3 pairs- that’s a cost.

Perfume, well I like to smell pretty buuuuut- it’s a cost.

A weekend out- yup, that is a cost.

I like to have these things, but I don’t necessarily need them and they are not budgeted for in our one income family budget.

Now, on the other hand, being a stay at home mum raising our two young (and very messy) girls we have the other flip of the coin…

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One Arse Two Horses

Raw Peppermint Slice 800

I heard a really great saying recently…

“You only have one arse, don’t try to ride two horses”.

Is this appropriate to your life right now? It is so fricken appropriate to mine.

Over the last few months I’ve had my finger in too many pies, too many balls up in the air, and to be honest I knew I should pick one or two (or three or four) to let drop…but part of me didn’t want to. It made me feel like I had ‘recovered’, that I was now ‘capable’ of taking on the multi-layered life that I thrived on pre-children.

I was always studying, working, training, and at one stage in my final semester (the bloody hardest) in my Nutrition degree I also completed my Massage Qualifications which was on campus 30kms away from my uni campus and I was doing prac at both! Annnnnd I was working part time!

And yet right now, now that I have finally sat my arse firmly on one horse I have never felt so ambitious in my life, never felt so inspired and moved to action, and absolutely never felt so damn calm about the chaos…

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