Raw Vegan Peanut Butter & Chocolate Ganache Tart

Raw Peanut Butter Choc Ganache Tart feature

I’ve mentioned before my seriously unhealthy addiction to peanut butter and chocolate, but this tart takes it to a whole new level.

And I’m not going to lie and fluff it up, while this decadent dessert makes use of beautiful healthful ingredients like Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Cacao, Pure Maple Syrup and Medjool dates and is a MUCH better alternative to the processed sugar laden, vegetable oil (or even worse palm oil) filled, gross store bought cake, I want to make a point of saying that it is still a DECADENT dessert which should be enjoyed in moderation

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Raw Choc PnB Easter Cheezecake

Raw Easter Cheezecake

No two things on earth belong together more than Peanut Butter & Chocolate.

It’s a match made in heaven with the rich creaminess of decadent silky chocolate and the salty crunch of perfectly roasted peanuts, arrrgh it’s making me feel giddy just thinking about this perfect pairing that Reece’s discovered long ago.

If you don’t like Peanut butter, then I am afraid we can’t be friends. Wait, my Mother in law hates peanut butter…..but, she LOVED this cake!

THAT is how good this combo is!

For those of you reading this who don’t know me personally (yet), and haven’t picked up on this from previous blog posts and recipes…

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