Jasmine Flower Hits My Bliss List


There is something so nostalgic for me about the sweet smell of Jasmine flowers.

I don’t know if it’s because the weather here in Australia also improves at the same time that this beautiful perfume hits the air, or if it’s something perhaps from my childhood, whatever it is the moment I get the slightest hint of this flowers soft scent I can not help but to STOP, close my eyes, BREATHE deeply, and SMILE.

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The Struggle is Real…


I didn’t even know Pre-Natal Depression was a thing.

Sure, everyone has heard of Post-Natal Depression but I actually thought I was taking the piss when I burst into tears (again) at my midwife appointment and sobbed “I think I have Pre-Natal Depression, I just can’t stop crying, every day, I’m crying, and I’m angry ’cause I’m crying, then I’m angry ’cause I’m angry, then I just cry some more”.

Up until that point I had just put it down to stress…

Earlier that year we made the big decision to sell our home and move closer to the water. Three days after that decision I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, and my first had just turned 1. The following week an offer was put on our house and we accepted. So we scurried to find our new family home…hubby had his eye on one place right on the water and we offered our top price even though we thought they would probably reject it but we just knew we would always wonder if we never just did it…

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