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Free Sample Lge

I’m not gonna lie- I LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE freebies!

I love those little sample moisturiser packets in womens magazines, free mini toothpaste tubes when you visit the dentist, bite sized chunks of cut up donut when you walk past their market stall, and who can go past all the mini toiletries and shower cap when you stay in a hotel?!

Here’s another #truthbomb:

These samples aren’t just freebies, they are marketing tools, designed to show you how amazing a product is and to entice you to buy the whole hog.

I am a small business Mumma with 2 young children and a mortgage.

These samples cost me both in product, and postage.

So, while I am extremely happy to invest in you- this offer is only for those who fit the following criteria, You:

*Must have a genuine interest in learning about essential oils and how to incorporate them into your daily routine to enhance your health and wellbeing.

*Must NOT already have a doTERRA account.

*Must not already be working with/chatting to another doTERRA Wellness Advocate (or friend with an account) about essential oils

*Must be open to follow up communication about how you feel the samples worked for you (whether positive or negative I need to hear it)

*Must be READY for your world to be ROCKED by these magnificent gifts from the earth!!

So my friend, if you are aok with these stipulations then I would LOVE to send you out some oils to try.

All I need to know is your top 3 health concerns and some info on how to contact you.


Please email me on with SAMPLES in the subject line and include the following:

Full name,

Postal address where you would like the samples sent (Australian addresses only),

Mobile phone number,

Your top 3 health concerns we could address with essential oils (for example: stress, sleep, anxiety, back pain, want to enhance meditation/yoga practice, interested in no-tox cleaning solutions etc).

I will be in touch to clarify everything before I post out your care package xx

Sign off 400



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