Can you guess what got Me off Drugs?

At age 17 I was in a car accident and broke my lower back.
I had 3 major operations in a week (including a bowel resection, spinal fixture, and aortic repair) followed by a final operation 12 months later to remove the hardware they used to fix my spine.
Recovery was hard.
A month in a hospital bed. Wound infection. Extreme muscle wastage. A Wheelchair. Nightmares.
Luckily, I had youth and enthusiasm on my side.
Less than a year after my accident I moved to the Gold Coast, got a job waitressing, and was happy to just get on with my life.
Being on my feet for 2 lots of 3 hour shifts a day had me taking sometimes up to 20 Panamax a day just to get through it, but after feeling like I’d already missed out on so much of my life with recovery it was a small price to pay to feel FREE… 

 Now I am older, and my body has been through so much more.
Pregnancy, massive weight gain, and child birth have all affected my back more than I could’ve ever imagined.
At the time I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils in 2016 I was on antidepressants because I wasn’t coping with the pain from the changes that had occurred within my body, and I was also downing 4-6 Panadiene Forte Every.Single.Day just to keep up with the demands of having an energetic toddler and a new baby.
I got my first tube of Ice Blue Rub in my Convention Pack in March 2017 and I actually remember using it on my lower back that night and thinking- Oh wow this stuff feels amazing and feels so different to the oil!*
I felt amazing when I woke up the next morning.
I started using it every night after my shower before I got into bed and within 2 weeks I had stopped taking my night time pain killers.
So I started rubbing a pea-sized amount into my lower back every morning too and soon I had also stopped taking my morning pain killers.
I had nothing to lose by trying the rub through the day too, and I’m so happy to report for the most part I could stop taking pain killers all together.
Now, this is not to say that this oil was a cure.
Other things happened alongside this as well. My baby started walking so I wasn’t doing as much lifting, twisting, and carrying. And my mental state improved (Thank you Citrus oils!).
But I am 100% convinced that this oil blend changed my life and the trajectory of my healthcare.
Nowadays, I am turning to my oils before I turn to pharmaceuticals- and not just for my back pain but also for things like headaches (lavender + peppermint), period pain (ClaryCalm), and colds/flu (On Guard, tea tree, frankincense, lemon, oregano and more).
I love the scene this is setting for my children: Mumma Nature first.
I will still sometimes have to take a couple of Pain killers if I am having a really rough time, but thankfully these days it’s few and far between.
*I find the Ice Blue oil blend much more mild- no tingly warming sensation like the cream, it seems slower acting however longer lasting. For my back pain I prefer the rub, however I have heard amazing things about using the oil on smaller joints like in the hands and wrists.
**Please note, I am not a medical practitioner nor am I claiming these oils can heal, treat or cure. This is my experience with my oils and this should not be construed as advice. **
That being said, if you would like to know more about my pain management protocol, have any questions or you would like to try them for yourself you can email me
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